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Tip Of The Week #14 Don't Turn Your Head
It is perfectly natural to flinch when things comes flying towards your face and it is also a very common reaction to pull your face away from incoming traffic :-). In boxing however, it is very dangerous to turn your head. As humans our heads only have a limited turning circle and if you get hit when you head is at full rotation, there is nowhere left for your head to go. You will take the full force of the hit, this will jar your neck and cause all sorts of damage, maybe even a knockout.
So how do you stop this, well you need to break the habbit and enforce good reactions. Get in the ring with the partner and get them to throw light and slow punches towards your head, use ducking and slipping to avoid the punches. Stay looking at your opponent throughout the exercise and speed up once you start getting the hang of it.

Keep up the Training - Cheers Corney
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